Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Astrologers generally agree that Scorpios are the most powerful characters in the zodiac. They have enormous will-power and a tendency to get things done when nobody else can.

Usually they have a complex inner world which combines spirituality with materialism.

They can be very mean to their enemies and totally devoted to their loved ones.

Scorpios can be extremely demanding in their relationships but at the same time they are passionate lovers. They have the ability to “hypnotize” their partner!

They easily create enemies because of their straightforwardness and their unforgiving nature. If you harm a Scorpio, most likely he or she will get back to you one day.

They enjoy life to the full and take pleasure in everything that is luxurious.

Scorpios adore privacy and dislike gossip. Most carry a vast number of secrets and people generally trust them.

Some Famous Scorpio: Leonardo DiCaprio, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Julia Roberts, Larry King, Bo Derek, Bjork, Winona Ryder, Jenny McCarthy, Ethan Hawke, Whoopi Goldberg, Sam Waterson, Lisa Bonet, Danny DeVito, Martin Scorsese, Linda Evans, Kevin Kline, Owen Wilson, Calvin Klein, Jodie Foster, Goldie Hawn, Maria Shriver, Joni Mitchell, Demi Moore