Pisces (February 20- March 20)

Pisces explore their inner universe in search of self – sufficiency and self – reliance.

Most Pisces are generous, devoted, not demanding, always willing to sacrifice themselves for others and have a clear state of mind.

They might appear very materialistic but this is only because they do not want to spend energy worrying about materialistic needs during the search for their inner self.

They always want to do the right thing!

Pisces are easily influenced because they tend to be very emotional. They are enormously sensitive and they tend to withdraw into their own dream world in order to cope with the hurdles of everyday life. This withdrawal makes them extremely creative in all sorts of arts and particularly music and literature.

They are also enigmatic and submissive characters. It is quite hard to get to know them well and they will never challenge somebody who appears to be more powerful.

Some Famous Pisces: Bruce Willis, Michael Caine, Alan Greenspan, Michelangelo, Nat “King” Cole, Peter Fonda, Prince Edward, Bernardo Bertolucci, Billy Crystal, Chuck Norris, Copernicus, Harry Belafonte, Johnny Cash, Jon Bon Jovi, Kurt Cobain, Kurt Russell, Drew Barrymore, Elizabeth Taylor, Eva Longoria, George Washington, Liza Minnelli, Queen Latifah, Rupert Murdoch, Spike Lee, Cindy Crawford