Leo (July 23 -August 23)

Leo is the natural leader of the zodiac something that also makes them appear arrogant and egocentric.

Leos are usually very popular and have an extended quality in influencing people. It is unquestionably the most dominant of all the zodiac signs.

They give too much emphasis on their own image and they are constantly trying to improve it. This is why they are also very good actors!

They are very creative and extremely capable. They visualize their goals and do their best to achieve them.

Power, pleasure, lust and luxury makes them feel good.

Many are very fanatic about their ideas, especially when it comes to religion and politics.

A Leo, most likely will do anything to minimize competition. They can easily resort to cheating and backstabbing when threatened.

In order to appear desirable and attractive they are willing to do everything in their power to achieve it.

Other Leo’s characteristics are ambition, independence, self-confidence, strong-willingness, wisdom and also stubbornness, competitiveness and obsession.

Leos are born leaders. They will bring out the best from their employees and colleagues to maximize their team goals and their personal ambitions.

Some Famous Leo: Fidel Castro, Madonna, Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, Monica Lewinsky, Slash, Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Spacey, Mick Jagger, Sandra Bullock, Henry Ford, Ian Fleming, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben Affleck, Edward Norton, Robert Redford, Jerry Garcia, Yves Saint Laurent, Steve Martin, Billy Bob Thornton, Charlize Theron, David Duchovny, Dustin Hoffman, Gillian Anderson, Melanie Griffith, Whitney Houston, Antonio Banderas, Hulk Hogan, Halle Berry, Magic Johnson, Bill Clinton, Slobodan Milosovic, Tori Amos