Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

The sign of Cancer has the least clear-cut characteristics of all zodiac signs.

Individuals born under this sign can be nervous, dull, shy and withdrawn. But they can also be brilliant and exceptional characters!

Generally Cancerians love their homes and they are very much family-oriented.

On the surface they can appear dispassionate, inflexible and stubborn but in fact they are very much able to identify with the situations of others because of their vivid imagination.

In love they give everything they can, asking very little in return. This makes them easily influenced by those who love and admire.

Because of their wild imagination most Cancerians enjoy fantasizing about the future and keep a very good record of past events in their minds.

They are remarkably good in organizing things. Some of their most common occupations are: managers and real estate brokers. Additionally they make good writers, nurses and housekeepers.

Some Famous Cancer: Cyndi Lauper, Meryl Streep, George Michael, Chris Isaak, Nelson Mandela, Carlos Santana, Robin Williams, Chris O’Donnell, Liv Tyler, Pamela Anderson, Princess Diana, Tom Cruise, Dalai Lama, George W. Bush, Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent, Ringo Starr, George Orwell, Ingmar Bergman, Leggs Diamond, Nikola Tesla, Anjelica Huston, Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks, Giorgio Armani, Bill Cosby, Harrison Ford, David Hasselhoff