Astrology and the Financial Crisis

In astrology planets are symbolic representations that have uncanny reflections in reality back on earth. There is no scientific basis that we can measure for this; but the symbols and meanings can help us gleam messages that help us understand our world somewhat the same fashion of dream interpretations.

There are two significant astrological events going on; Pluto moving into Capricorn, and Saturn opposite Uranus. Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes the destruction and transformation of old respected companies, and the total reconstruction of governments. Uranus and Saturn symbolize polarization between the old way and new unpredictable ideas. Some of the vibration is extremely fear based. Saturn is a planet that can indicate fear and scarcity; it is an old school vibration. Uranus is the planet of unpredictable changes and breaking away from tradition. These two planets are aligning opposite each other, in this position they are opponents, who will win? Will it be fear and the old ways or innovation and finding a new path?

The financial crises and bailout is only the tip of the iceberg of the problems the USA will be facing over the next several years. The charts of the US are indicating that there have been many secrets in the banking industry (and secrets regarding USA finances) and everything has not been exposed. The tides will turn even scarier for many people over the next few months.

So what to do? Honor the principles of Saturn and Uranus. How can you work harder and be more productive in your life? What can you eliminate that you are not using? Being conscious of the resources we have is the first step. The right use of Saturn is using what you have and if you aren’t using something donate it. Do not hold onto possessions because you are afraid to let it go, fearing that you might need it for some obscure reason years down the road. Chances are it will only collect dust and clutter up you home. Read the books you already bought before you run to buy more. Use up the food in your cabinets; wear the clothes in your closet or move everything out so others are able to enjoy what you no longer need. Uranus wants you to invent new ways of living. Do things different, think different, if you are not making enough money for the life you want, do something different. If you are not happy in your relationships, try something different. Break up your old patterns of thinking to allow for major shifts in your life. Honoring these principles individually we will be able to create a healthy and balanced vibration around ourselves and be able to counteract the fear vibration in the world. Honor Pluto in Capricorn by overthrowing your own inner authority that is no longer supportive or healthy for you. What voice in your mind is telling you that you should do something? Examine the “shoulds” in your life. Who is telling you that you should? Is it an old outdated program instilled to motivate you through guilt or shame? What old structure in your life can be revamped? Are your skills outdated? Are you hanging onto old true and blue stocks whose companies can keep pace with the times? Find your inner source of respect and security not contingent upon outside validation.

About the Author:

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